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Laser Dentistry

What is a Laser and how does it work?

A Dental Laser is an instrument that creates a precise energized beam of light. When that beam of light comes in contact with your body’s tissue, a reaction occurs. The amount of reaction is dependent on the amount of energy and time the Dentist sets on the Dental Laser. Low energy beams destroy bacteria and viruses that cause problems in your mouth, and high energy beams can remove both soft and hard tissues such as gums and tooth structure.

What can the Dental Laser do for our patients?

This beam of light has the ability to: kill bacteria and viruses that cause mouth sores such as cold and canker sores, treat periodontal disease by destroying the bacteria that causes it and remove unhealthy gums where those germs live, and help with the removal of endodontic infections. By increasing power, Dental Lasers can remove unwanted tissue such as excessive gums that create "gummy smiles", or excess tissue that you bite when you eat. Dental Lasers can also be used to remove tooth decay instead of the noisy drill.

A Dental Laser can also be used for biopsies of suspicious lesions, help with impressions for crowns and bridges, detect cavities, and harden dental filling materials just to name a few.

Most importantly, many of the above procedures can be done with little or no anesthetic (no needles!). Healing time is fast, there’s usually no swelling, and almost all Laser procedures are quick and easy.

This is where dentistry really touts "painless dentistry"! Most patients are thrilled with the comfort of Laser Dentistry. Many procedures are completed without being numb, and the healing phase is almost always free from discomfort.

Are Dental Lasers safe?

When used within the procedural guidelines set forth from the manufacturer, and used by a trained practitioner, the answer is YES. It is important that the patient wears special eye protection provided by our office for the majority of laser procedures.
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